BCG Outlook: Driverless Cars Set to Take Over the Road

A report from The Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with the World Economic Forum predicts that tens of millions of autonomous vehicles will be rolling out worldwide in the next few decades.

BCG looked at the current state of autonomous technology through consumer interviews, discussions with automotive executives and industry publications. Its report predicts that by the year 2035, more than 12 million completely autonomous vehicles will be sold each year. That would be about a quarter of all vehicles. Along with the completely autonomous vehicles, BCG expects to see 18 million partially autonomous vehicles sold in 2035 as well.

“The market for partially and fully autonomous vehicles is expected to leap from about $42 billion in 2025 to nearly $77 billion in 2035,” the report says. “Mass adoption of self-driving technology will result in tremendous economic and societal benefits, and with it, far-reaching implications for automotive companies and other players in the value chain.”


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