Watch the Legislative Update Members-only Webinar

By Brielle Scott

NAIOP’s second Advantage Series webinar took place this week, providing a legislative update to members on key priorities for the association and the industry in 2017: tax reform, infrastructure, and the availability of capital and credit.

Aquiles Suarez, NAIOP’s vice president for government affairs, who led the webinar, started the discussion with a look at tax reform. Suarez explained that the overarching goal of the House GOP Blueprint for Tax Reform is to “broaden the base” by collecting taxes from more sources, which means getting rid of credits and deductions, and to “lower tax rates, particularly the corporate tax rate,” with the argument that our corporations are at a disadvantage when competing internationally. However, roadblocks to passing the plan include the recent failure to pass the Affordable Care Act repeal (which means that an additional $1 trillion in offsets must be identified to ensure the tax plan is “revenue neutral”) and pushback on the Border Adjustment Tax.

Read the full article here.

NAIOP members can hear Suarez’ responses to these questions and more insights into legislative issues affecting CRE by viewing the archived version of the full webinar online.


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