Transforming Empty Parking Spots into Gourmet Salads

As more employees telecommute or rideshare to work, landlords may fear they’ll be left with hundreds of empty parking spaces at their office buildings. But a Boston-based company has a plan that could turn that acreage into productive, indoor farmland.

Freight Farms is rolling out The Leafy Green Machine, a self-enclosed system for growing fresh produce inside a former shipping container.

Each unit requires a steady supply of electricity, 5-10 gallons of water daily and about $300 per month worth of seeds, soil and equipment. The temperature and humidity are controlled, and food is grown under high-efficiency light strips. Freight Farms estimates each unit costs about $1,170 per month to operate.

According to Freight Farms, “Each farm acts as an immediate solution to shorten the food supply chain and bring local, fresh produce to any environment.” The produce could be grown in an underused parking lot or garage, then sold in nearby markets or used by local restaurants.


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