The Internet of Things is Changing the Supply Chain

Big data isn’t coming; it’s already here, allowing real-time tracking of packages, vehicles and devices. All that information is expected to drive a revolution.

The Internet of Things and the Modern Supply Chain,” a report by C3 Solutions, predicts: “Chances are the next tech boom will be companies trying to cash in on the IoT by developing apps in a variety of areas to enable the tracking, storage, analysis and application of the available information. The trick will be to figure out what works, what’s useful and what you actually need to drive efficiencies into your supply chain.”

The report warns the security will be a big concern. Companies and people will need to protect against hackers and develop ways to protect their privacy from tracking devices.

“Given the great unknown that the IoT presents, supply chain managers need to keep a close eye on what will no doubt be the emergence of many new technologies that will leverage the data that’s becoming available,” the report concludes. “Know the dangers but keep the potential benefits in mind as you watch this tech story unfold.”


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