NAIOP Speaks Out about HB2

A delegation from all three NAIOP Chapters of NC visited the General Assembly specifically to lobby for a resolution to HB2.  HB186 is the bipartisan legislation that was filed last week.  NAIOP came out in support of HB186 which intends to repeal HB2, allow municipalities to pass their own nondiscrimination legislation, disallow municipalities to regulate bathroom access in private facilities, and would have a provision that would allow a referendum to recall local ordinances.  This legislation appears to have support of the corporate and athletic association communities.  Our visit to Raleigh included visits with House and Senate members, democrats and republicans and included a visit with House Speaker Tim Moore.  Energy behind HB186 seemed to be waning during our visit to Raleigh.  We encouraged all the legislators we visited to keep working toward a solution that would remedy the HB2 stain on our economic development efforts for NC.

Along with our visit to Raleigh, NAIOP sent letters to all house and senate members urging them to support HB186 and issued a press release in support of HB186.  Rep. Chuck McGrady who sponsored HB186 invited NAIOP to participate in a press conference supporting the bill.  No matter how frustrating HB2 and the lack of movement towards a resolution, it should be noted that NAIOP continues to be relevant in the conversation of NC business policy and are considered a resource to our legislators.

Media Coverage:

Letters Issued from NAIOP North Carolina:

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