Smart Cities Pioneering Innovative Infrastructure

What really constitutes a “smart city”? In its new report, “Office perspective: Smart cities” JLL cites some factors that go into building one.

That list includes: the use of data collected by sensors, effective standards set by local governments, plans to improve the environment, and active engagement by citizens. “Smart cities can bring about hyper-connected workplaces in fully integrated business districts, while drawing from a much larger talent pool,” the report states. “Similarly, smart technologies can push down operating expenses through lower energy costs and simplified maintenance.”

Most of the report’s examples come from overseas, including Singapore, Australia and Stockholm. The only American smart city it identifies is the Gramercy District, a planned community being built in Loudoun County near Washington, D.C.

That project will eventually consist of 2.5 million square feet of mixed-use space where people will live, work and shop. “It will be seamlessly linked together through an ‘intelligent living platform’ that includes inter-building and integrated infrastructure communications technology,” the report notes. The goal is for Gramercy to serve as a model for existing cities as they look to develop and improve on their own use of technology.


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