General Hayden on Trump and the New Geopolitical Landscape

By Brielle Scott

“I’ve seen the world more dangerous, but I’ve never seen it more complicated.”

This is how General Michael Hayden began his analysis of the tumultuous global environment at the Chapter Leadership and Legislative Retreat this week in Washington, D.C. Nearly 300 chapter leaders from across NAIOP’s North American network gathered to hear from the retired four-star general, who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency during the war on terror and the growing cyber challenge.

Hayden began by talking about the new age of globalization. In the industrial era, it was about accumulation of power at the center: only a centralized government could “make things happen” and protect its citizens and allies. Now, in the post-industrial information age, power doesn’t trend to the center, but seems to more naturally flow out to individuals.

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