Portman’s Design adds Flair to Charlotte’s Skyline

By David Mildenberg

In March, the 19-story 615 South College tower will open, adjacent to the Westin and an emerging retail and apartment development on Stonewall Street. The first downtown office building to open in almost a decade, “I think it is a really damn cool building,” says Travis Garland. His praise should be expected: he’s director of U.S. leasing for Portman.

I’m not DevelopCLT’s design expert. (We’re looking for one – just contact me.) But with large windows and open floor plans enabling office dwellers to potentially look outside in all four directions, cutouts that provide space for four outdoor balconies and topped by a funky crown, I’d agree: It is a very cool building. “And it’s going to look cooler at night because of the way the lights will work around the building and at the crown,” he says. Portman, 93, may not have been the lead designer, but Garland says he remains involved in everything at his separate development and design firms and shows up daily.

Read more here: http://developclt.com/portmans-design-adds-flair-to-charlottes-skyline/


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