10 Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stories to Follow in 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a decisive year for retailers, following a 2016 that found consumers in better financial shape than they had been in years, but demanding bargains at every turn, which caused declining sales at major retailers and contributed to hundreds of store closings during the year, according to an article in Fortune magazine.

“Department stores up and down the price spectrum are under growing pressure to show they can still be relevant and central to the shopping experience. And apparel chains have been talking for about two years about how they plan to address fast fashion and increase the quality of their products again,” according to the article.

For those who are concerned about the fate of brick-and-mortar retail, here are the top 10 stories to follow in 2017:

  1. What can Macy’s new CEO do to stop the decline?
  2. Will GAP Inc. become more nimble and snap its losing streak?
  3. After three CEOs in three years, will Barnes & Noble find a CEO who will stay?
  4. Where is Target’s food business going?
  5. Will Walmart’s online sales go through the roof thanks to Jet.com?
  6. Will Sears survive 2017?
  7. Can Whole Foods hit a homerun with its new 365 food chain?
  8. How will more Germans coming into the marketplace with no-frills grocery stores (like Aldi) affect the market?
  9. Will luxury department stores get back on a profitable track?
  10. Will J.C. Penney continue to outperform its competition?

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