15 Smart Systems and 20,000 Sensors Used for ‘Healing Office’ in Amsterdam

With as many as one in six people aged 25 to 35 in the Netherlands suffering from burnout, Dutch companies are pioneering “healing” offices to cut staff sick days, according to The Guardian.

This pioneering effort is taking place at The Edge, a tower in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam. “Inside The Edge, lifts take you up to a precipitous view of the large entrance hall – a design that allows natural light to flood into glass-walled offices. Each office lights up when you step inside, and you can adjust brightness and temperature using an app on your mobile phone, which charges wirelessly when you put it on a desk,” according to the article.

The offices have 15 smart systems and 20,000 sensors to keep occupants well by optimizing lighting, cleaning and heating. The Edge uses 70 percent less energy than similar offices, and these features keep workers happier and healthier.

Deloitte is the largest tenant at The Edge, consolidating workers from seven offices located around Amsterdam. At the prior seven locations, “Everyone stepped into the elevator, went into their own room and didn’t see anyone all day,” says Harry Vlaardingerbroek, a senior manager at Deloitte, in the article. “Now no one has their own desk and we have open floors so you can work with colleagues with better comfort and climate.” The article noted that the level of absenteeism at the Deloitte office has decreased.


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