‘Grab and Go’ at Amazon’s 1,800-square-foot Grocery Store with No Checkout

Amazon has opened a grocery store with a twist: Customers can shop to their heart’s content and then leave the store with their purchases without stopping at a checkout line, according to Wired.

“You just grab the stuff you want and walk out; the order posts to your Amazon account afterwards,” according to the article. “There are no cashiers, no lines, no fumbling for a credit card. And while experts agree that Go looks very much like the future of retail, it’s less clear whether Amazon has all of the pieces in place.”

At present, there is one 1,800-square-foot Go store open in a beta test in Seattle, but only Amazon employees can shop there for now. Regular civilians will have to wait to stock up on the bread, milk, cheese, pre-made snacks and fresh meals until sometime in early 2017.

When that times comes, all you’ll need to get into the store and begin shopping is the Amazon Go mobile app. Although Amazon will not share how the process works, according to the article, it appears that it uses artificial intelligence, RFID, sensor and machine learning technologies. “No one’s put all of the pieces together in the way Amazon appears to have done—but then again, nobody else is Amazon,” the article concludes.


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