E-commerce Transforming Savannah Port Operations

E-commerce’s “need for speed” is transforming operations at the Port of Savannah, according to a Journal of Commerce article, which reports that “what’s happening at Savannah is a window into some of the larger forces confronting U.S. retailers.”

“The short one- or two-day delivery windows of e-commerce orders, or even same-day delivery, require retailers to position inventory at fulfillment centers located within metropolitan areas,” the article continues, noting that the most efficient way to move cargo quickly from a port to these fulfillment centers is through the use of “transload/cross-dock facilities operated by third-party logistics providers [3PLs], many of which have established or expanded operations at Savannah.”

Transload/cross-dock requires dedicated long, narrow buildings with plenty of doors, where goods can be transferred from shipping containers to domestic containers or pallets that can then be loaded onto railcars or trucks. These facilities enable retailers to be more nimble when deciding where to send which goods. “’It’s all about putting the right product in the right place at the right time,’” Georgia Ports Authority Chief Commercial Officer Cliff Pyron told the Journal of Commerce.

From February 9, 2016 NAIOP Source – Click here to view article.


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