Europe’s Largest Robotic Parking Garage Opens in Denmark

A robotic parking system installed beneath a cultural complex in Aarhus, Denmark, can accommodate more than 1,000 cars and park or retrieve up to 235 vehicles per hour, according to The system, which was developed by Germany-based Lödige Industries, can transport a car to or from a parking space in the three-level facility in one minute.

“Drivers park their cars in one of 20 ground-level booths and receive a ticket. Once the car has been vacated, it is lowered below ground and lifted onto one of 24 robots that transfer it to a parking space,” the article reports. Instead of a moving pallet, the system uses an ultraflat robot, which positions itself under the car and lifts it up at the wheels, taking it from the elevator to a transfer vehicle, which then takes it to a parking space.

The garage is set beneath Dokk1, a cultural complex that contains Scandinavia’s largest library as well as a light rail train station, cafe, classrooms, media facilities and more.

From December 8, 2015 NAIOP Source – Click here to view article.


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