NAIOP Source Updates 9/9

Environmentalist Lawsuit Withdrawn After NAIOP Massachusetts Intervenes

NAIOP Massachusetts achieved an important legal victory with the withdrawal of a federal lawsuit by environmental advocacy groups that sought to compel the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a new, duplicative and burdensome stormwater control (discharge) program. Read More


Click-to-Knock: E-commerce and CRE

From the “click” of the customer’s online order and the “knock” on their door announcing its delivery, e-commerce has picked up speed at a dizzying pace and retailers are working round-the-clock to meet delivery demands. Read More


Factors in Heath Care Leasing

From HIPPA to medical waste to zoning and the ACA, issues surrounding leases for health care facilities are evolving. Read More


CRE Shines Despite Economic Volatility

Commercial real estate offers investors compelling benefits in today’s increasingly volatile global economy. Read More


Light Industrial Buildings in Demand

Light industrial and manufacturing buildings have experienced the highest year-over-year rent growth of any property type, according to CoStar. Read More


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