NAIOP Source Updates 9/1

The Corner Office: Is Office’s Most Coveted Space Fading?

Open space work spaces are making the corner office – once office’s most sought-after space – nearly defunct, as companies literally take down the walls between executives and employees. Read More


Federal Judge Blocks EPA Water Rule in Certain States

In a surprise decision by the U.S. Court for the District of North Dakota, a federal judge blocked the joint EPA and Army Corps of Engineers controversial water rule from immediately taking effect in 13 states. The new regulation determines which waters across the country receive federal protection. Read More


U.S. Industrial Rents Rising

Surging demand for U.S. industrial real estate is outstripping supply, pushing rents to near pre-recession levels and attracting speculative investment in new facilities, according to CBRE’s second-quarter 2015 U.S. Industrial MarketView report. Read More


TI Packages Grow

Tenant improvement (TI) allowances are gaining momentum, as office landlords compete with newly completed properties by offering more attractive TI packages, according to a new report from JLL. Read More


Speedy Skyscraper Construction Techniques in Boston

Using a “vertical assembly line,” workers are building Boston’s tallest new building at a rate of two stories each week, finishing lower floors even before upper ones are enclosed, according to The Boston Globe. Read More


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